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Born and raised in So Cal, Jane grew up around cool cars, bad ass motorcycles and drag boats. Her dads friends were car builders, stunt drivers and movie industry icons.


She learned to drive a rental car, a Camaro, while on location with her father.

Jane figures that is when and where her love and fascination with muscle cars began. 


Now the wife of nationally acclaimed corvette builder and moto racer, this mother of three started a new career in 2012 born of auto-crossing. She parlayed her talent behind the wheel into performance driving gig's for film and television along with teaching for   Bridgestone Winter Drive School, B.R.A.K.E.S. and BF Goodrich. A published Motorsports LIfestyle Journalist, this highly sought after motorsports professional represents national brands including K&N Performance, McLeod Racing, Baer Brakes. 




Theresa was born into an automotive loving family whose life mission is to provide quality custom work, actively give back to the community and work hard to play hard.

Those formative years brought out the fearless soul in her: behind the wheel or handlebars of almost anything with a motor, and the belief she can achieve anything she dreams up!

Life as a machinist, graphic designer, custom painter, as well as a godly wife and mother, proves her upbringing to be extremely influential. By combining her Cal Poly Fine Art education, hands on auto body shop experience, and love of all things motorsports; Theresa found a true passion in life. 

Her custom paint work along with custom builds for the likes of Jay Leno and more, has graced the SEMA show floor and cover stories of top magazines numerous times, has been seen in action on TV, and she continues to collaborate on massive projects with some of the best of the best in the industry, including Ford Motor Company. This motivational vigor resonates with all who are exposed to her beautiful drive for success.

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